Products & Services

FSC Securities Corporation is the broker-dealer for Stonebridge Financial Advisors. All trades are cleared through Pershing LLC, both investment and retirement accounts are held in custody at Pershing. Stonebridge clients receive monthly statements and trade confirmations directly from Pershing. Client contributions to investment accounts are made payable to Pershing and investment account withdrawals are facilitated through Pershing. Clients also receive tax reporting from Pershing.

Investment Strategies

At Stonebridge Financial Advisors, we design financial strategies and provide assistance for:

  • Financial Planning

    • Personalized Financial Plans

    • College Funding Programs

    • Risk Management

    • Estate Planning

    • Tax Planning

    • Charitable Gifting Strategies

  • Retirement Income 

    • Traditional & Roth IRA

    • Simple IRA

    • SEP IRA

    • Profit Sharing Plans

    • 401(k) Plans

    • Defined Benefit Plans

    • 403(b)/TSA

    • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

    • Personalized Retirement Plan

  • Insurance

    • Annuities

    • Life Insurance

    • Disability Insurance

    • Long Term Care Insurance

Investment Advisory Services (Fee Based)

Once a client's financial plan has been completed, both the qualified and non qualified assets are typically placed in an advisory account and allocated according to the client's risk and retirement objectives. Although a number of clients enjoy the ownership of stocks during their working years, a vast majority of retirees' assets are invested in carefully selected investments, Assets placed in an advisory account are not subject to commissions or transactions fees. Instead, client accounts are accessed a quarterly fee based on assets under management. Fee based planning can result in a mutually beneficial relationship in which our objectives are aligned as client and advisor. On a quarterly basis, advisory clients receive a comprehensive report that shows asset allocation weighting and client account performance relative to market benchmarks.

Depending on one's individual situation, a fee based account may not be suitable for all investors.  Speak with a Financial Advisor to determine the most appropriate financial account for you given your financial circumstances. There is no guarantee a fee-based account will outperform a commission based account.


Extensive reviews with clients are completed on a quarterly basis. These quarterly review dates are scheduled at the start of each year. Due to the high percentage of retired clients and investors with sophisticated needs, it has been found that these regularly scheduled reviews are the best way to assure the exchange of information vital to any good financial plan. The review will keep you well informed of your financial information and insure that Stonebridge is able to stay current with your needs and objectives, allowing your financial plan to be refined as needed.

Investment Philosophy

Stonebridge Financial Advisors is an ardent believer of Modern Portfolio Theory. Pioneered by Harry Markowitz in 1952, MPT is grounded on the statistical evidence that 90% of portfolio returns are generated by asset allocation rather than specific stock selection or market timing. This philosophy, recently challenged by the financial crisis, is beginning to regain its popularity as recent market sellers now feel their market departure may have been ill-timed as the recent market recovery has proven to be significant, the best since 1938. To maximize the use of Modern Portfolio Theory, Stonebridge often refers to the asset allocation models created by Dr. Roger Ibbotson, Professor of Finance at Yale University and former President of Ibbotson and Associates. His investment models provide valuable insight in customizing portfolios to help meet clients' retirement and investment needs. Once the appropriate asset allocation model is selected, a top money manager in each asset class is also chosen. Preference is given to managers with a successful track record as opposed to the alternative passive investment strategy, known as indexing. The goal of an active management strategy is to help preserve portfolios during systemic events while continuing to add value during oversold markets.
**Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy, including asset allocation or the Modern Portfolio Theory can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.